Exploring inner outer nature

We are all on a life journey, and for each person, there is a unique path. In different phases of your life, this path can be as smooth as a paved road, or it can be as challenging as hiking a narrow mountain pass. Whichever path you are on, sometimes you can use a little help. With coaching I can help you finding and walking your path.


Why coaching?

Coaching can be helpful if you experience challenging situations in your work or life. It can be useful if you feel stuck in your life, if you feel unrest; in yourself, your family or your work. Perhaps you ask yourself what is your life purpose or how you can be who you really are. Or do you want to become more effective and experience more joy in your everyday life and work.


VIA as a tool for transformation

One of the methodologies I use in my coaching with clients is VIA. VIA is Latin for ‘way’ and is a powerful coaching process and tool for transformation designed by Boas Partners, that stands for the three elements: Vocation, Integration and Alignment.


I like working with VIA, because it provides a clear framework for transformation. It focuses on who you are and what is important to you, which is what Vocation stands for. It then helps you harmonize your different roles and sometimes conflicting beliefs in your professional and private life, which is an Integration process. This is the foundation for moving into action as you lead your life and connect with the people you work and live with, which is Alignment.


Nature-based coaching

Nature is my preferred place for coaching. Being based in Lucerne in Switzerland allows me to take my clients into the pristine beauty of the mountains and lakes in Central Switzerland. When coaching in the city, parks and alongside rivers provide a peaceful space to reflect. You will be invited to listen deeply to both inner and outer nature, as you connect with yourself, your purpose and your own relationship with the natural world.


Being in movement while reflecting on tough issues helps you structure your thinking. It stimulates not only your blood circulation, but also your creativity and enhances your problem solving. Being surrounded by natural elements, such as trees, natural light and the sounds of birds and running water have a calming effect on your mind and help you see things more clearly. As a welcome side-effect, nature helps to recharge your batteries.