living my dream

Answers to my WHY question

Although I came to Aconcagua with a dream to reach the summit, as I left base camp, I realized that for me this adventure was about the journey.

This Aconcagua expedition nourished my desire for adventure that goes beyond myself, for being part of something bigger than I am. As it turned out, Aconcagua brought me closer to my true self and encouraged me to step into the world as the woman I truly am.

Climbing Aconcagua fulfilled my promise to live my dreams, so I can tell my children to live their dreams. And by experiencing life on the edge and different levels of discomfort, I allowed myself to grow. 


Nature as a mirror

Despite the physical and mental hardship, it was not a game of me against the mountain. Nature works as a mirror, the mountain as a teacher, and brings out what is in us; courage, fear, power, loneliness, determination, sadness, joy, ... ultimately such a profound experience can show us the relationship we have with ourselves and the nature around us. 


Chica loca

Eduardo jokingly called me chica loca. Crazy girl. Why would I, a woman and mother of two young kids travel all the way to South America for three weeks to climb Aconcagua? he asked me. Back in basecamp I thought: Call me crazy. It was crazy because I believed in my dream, because I did it and followed through. And I promised myself that I would do many more crazy things like this.