Renate Kranenburg

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Renate Kranenburg is a certified coach and nomadic outdoorlife specialist. She offers nature-based life coaching, team coaching and inner journey retreats in the most beautiful and powerful natural settings, through her coaching practice, Three Peaks Coaching. She also organizes and facilitates women circles.


As a coach and process facilitator, Renate’s mission is to help her clients reconnect with their essence and purpose in life and to support them in transformational processes towards a lighter and fulfilled life. She helps teams grow stronger, become more authentic, resourceful and successful. 


Renate holds a Masters degree in Health Sciences. She held different roles in the areas of management consulting, human resources and project management in international corporate organizations as well as in public institutions. Over the past 15 years, Renate lived in Geneva, Lausanne, Münich, Brussels, Utrecht, Stockholm, and Zug. Born and raised below sea level in The Netherlands and after many years of modern nomadic life, Renate found her new home in Lucerne, Switzerland, where she lives with her two children and the mountains at her feet.



For Renate, life is an endless journey of discovery. She loves to explore, swim in cold water, hike through forests, and climb and ski mountains. With a tent or without. With others or alone. Her adventurous soul has brought her to many countries around the world and she accomplished climbing expeditions in Argentina, Bolivia, Tanzania and a long-distance trekking in Nepal. Her sometimes challenging life experiences brought her from her head to her heart, which counts as her most beautiful journey. 

Relevant education and training

  • Systemische Erlebnispädagogik (planoalto, 2021-2022)
  • Transformational Coaching Programme (Jim Fortin, 2022)
  • Transformational coaching (Robert Bridgeman, 2022)
  • Life Initiations (Het Levenscollege, 2021)
  • Transactional analysis (Phoenix Institute, 2018)
  • Professional coach certification (Boas Partners, 2017)
  • Enneagram (The Coaching Square, 2015)
  • MBTI Qualification Training I (OPP, 2010)
  • Masters degree in Health Sciences (Maastricht University, 2004)